February 3, 2006

Carpe Diem...

I have definitely done things in the past that I regret, each of which could more than fill a post:
  • 2 car wrecks on ice
  • Starting a fire on private property
  • Knocking over a neighbor's sun-tea jar
  • Taking French instead of Spanish
And, there are things in the future that I am greatly looking forward to:
  • Taking my kids to DisneyWorld
  • Living debt-free
  • Bringing constructive change to the public school system
  • Going to a Royals' World Series game
In the past, we have stories, memories, and shared experiences that shape and influence who we are. Some are humorous, some are stupid, all are completed. The future can give us hope, or paralyze us as we are faced with options too numerous for our ever-expanding daily choices.

We should not live in the past or in the future. Those who do are missing LIFE. LIFE is lived moment by moment. LIFE is lived when we pay attention to the details around us--the sounds, smells, and most importantly, the relationships. LIFE is lived when the stories past do not weigh us down and the hopes for a brighter future keep us focused on making a difference now. Eternity intersects life now.

A song I'm currently working on has the following chorus:

One life to live
One life to give
One life to join Your legacy
One moment to share
One moment to care
One moment for You to love through me

Today, I choose life--enjoying the radiant glow of the sunrise, laughing with friends new and old, and enjoying God's faithful presence.

Carpe Diem!

Oh yeah--Seattle 24, Pittsburgh 21.

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katie said...

Ethan thank you so much for the letter, it was nice to know you were thinking of me!