May 1, 2007

Slavery Today

When I worked at a church in Texas, I got in trouble (it seems to follow me) for having a "slave auction" to raise money for the youth group. Some of the older members of the church thought it was inappropriate to use the word "slave" because slavery is illegal and outdated.

I'm currently reading Jesus and Politics by Alan Storkey and Not For Sale by David Batstone. They both have a lot to say today's slavery issue, and the most important may be this:

There are 27 million slaves in the world today.

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Stacey said... we were going to consider auctioning off some of the men/older boys at church to do our SD mission trip fundraiser. We'll need a new name for this, I see the point...what do you think? Oh, and we're probably going to auction you off too, be ready.


PS--pictures? Are you kidding me? Just click the link above that looks like a photo, browse for your digital photos and add them. You do have a digital camera, right?