October 5, 2007

Good Morning, Kansas City!

Kaylea became a superstar today.

On Tuesday, a local camera crew and news station filmed Kaylea's first grade class saying, "Good morning, Kansas City!" The teacher emailed Jamie on Monday to ask if Kaylea could be the representative that says, "From Ms. Guynn's first grade class at Summit Pointe Elementary."

At first, Kaylea was nervous and uncertain. But she quickly agreed. In her mind, all of Kansas City would be watching her say it. Here are some of the things she told me after the filming:

"They put a speaker on me so I could talk louder."
"They only brought one camera, I thought there would be more."
"We had to practice it a lot, like five times."

If you're interested in seeing/hearing Kaylea, it'll be online for the next 2 weeks. Scroll down to "Good Morning, Kansas City" and choose "Summit Pointe Elementary--10/5".


It's really short and sweet and simple. And I'm so proud of her. Makes me wonder what simple things I do that make God proud, and what things I do to try and impress him that He'd just roll his eyes at...

(In case you can't find her, she's in the pink sweater on the front row!)

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