November 21, 2007


What do I want for Christmas?

I would love my friends and family to read some of the books I've been reading, and then go get a cup of coffee or some gelato or play golf or send a whole bunch of emails to talk about what these books are really saying.

It's tough choosing which books, but here's 5 that would make for really good discussion. If you're really interested in getting the books, please visit Byron at in Pennsylvania. He's a great guy, with a heart for changing the world.

1. "Not for Sale" by, David Batstone
2. "Serve God, Save the Planet" by, Matthew Sleeth
3. "Chasing Francis" by, Ian Cron
4. "The Signature of Jesus" by, Brennan Manning
5. "Everything Must Change" by, Brian McLaren

Happy reading.

1 comment:

M.D.S. said...

I've got 4 out of the 5 down.