November 2, 2007

Senseless Beauty

Sophie and I took a walk to see Dancing Man. Dancing Man is a yellow plastic creation that sits on top of a fan outside the new 24-hour fitness center and cell phone store near our house. Dancing Man is a gimmick to draw attention, and it works. Sophie wanted to go touch Dancing Man, so we went for a walk.

It was early evening and the sun was setting. After touching Dancing Man, we looked to the west to see a gorgeous sunset. We pointed out the different colors and smiled and laughed and stared. The clouds were covered with purples and oranges and pinks and deep blues. And Sophie commented, "God painted the sky with love."

We're at a turning point in history. The last 50 years, we have lived in wealth and affluence and influence as no other empire before. However, we have maxed out our resources. We've reached Peak Oil, and the life of suburban sprawl will necessarily change. Globalization will not be the answer, and multi-national corporations will not be able to afford to operate. There will be a return to urban living, to simple, sustainable, walking, community-based, know your neighbor living.

During these 50 years, we have tried to control God. We have tried to explain God. We have tried to market and own God. If God can be manipulated, explained, or manufactured, he's not much of a God, is he?

I think, that, until we see how radically dependent we are on God for all things, we will continue to miss out on the best things. We will continue to try and explain, control, or find a way to make a profit. And we will miss Life before our very eyes.

Like a sky painted with Love.

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Stacey said...

Would you be surprised to hear I'm all about walking neighborhoods, the return to times gone by? Oh I am ready! Perhaps that's why I look so longingly at the New Longview neighborhoods, idk. It just feels simpler.

You are all linked up to my post now. Sorry? By the way, I have an interested customer for one of those tshirts!