January 17, 2008

New Kicks

I love a new pair of shoes. I remember being in junior high and my dad bought me a pair of running shoes for track, and I actually believed I could run faster in my new shoes. (I did. I ran my best mile ever--5 minutes and 52 seconds. I can only match that time now on my bike).

I got a new pair of shoes this week, for free. No Sweat Apparel was looking for bands to sponsor who would promote sweatshop-free clothing and footwear at local concerts. I sent in an application, and now the band has No Sweat t-shirts and shoes. You can see what they look like at www.nosweatapparel.com. They are the low-cut black ones. They're quite comfy too. I'm hoping to use them for my bike riding this summer, and for the MS 150 in the fall.

Another pair of shoes that I love are my TOMS. If I didn't have trouble keeping my toes warm, I'd be wearing those all the time. They are absolutely the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn, even if they do look like a ballet slipper. And they make a great conversation piece. I love to wear them when I'm singing because they feel so good.

So, this week, I read a story that was quite familiar, about Moses and the burning bush. God called to Moses from the bush and said, "Take off your shoes, because you're standing on holy ground."

Kaylea and Sophie will kick off their shoes just as soon as they step inside a door. I've got a better chance of growing hair than I do of keeping shoes on them. But I'm not one that quickly kicks off my shoes.

I used to work at a nice country club. Every now and then, at the end of the day, I'd take off my shoes and socks and walk through the zoysia fairways. They felt incredible.

There is a certain humility and freedom that comes in taking off your shoes. And maybe a reminder that it's okay to get your feet dirty and play too.

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Sally R said...

Hmm, I love my No Sweats and TOMs too!