March 25, 2008

Life is More--2

Last week, I travelled with the youth to Ellington, MO and Logan Valley Christian Retreat Center. We went to get away and to play and to listen to who God was calling us to be. The theme for the retreat was "Life is More", and we spent time listening to music and to the words of Jesus as he reminds us that "life is more than all we see".

We were supposed to spend two days on a ropes course, challenging ourselves and encouraging one another, working together to accomplish ridiculously difficult tasks.

Instead, it rained. For three days, it rained. Take a look.

That is supposed to be the baseball and ultimate frisbee and disc golf field. It's under about 3-4 FEET of water. In a final ironic twist, the power went out on the second evening, leaving us in the dark for about 16 hours. We truly got to experience that "life is more than all we see."

However, it turned out to be a wonderful week. We played four square and Calvinball and cards and Monopoly. Some of the more daring youths went down the 300 foot waterslide in the freezing rain. And we got to have free time. On multiple occasions I overheard youth say, "I can't remember the last time I had so much free time."

The website is up. CD's are for sale. New songs of a revolution of love.

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Gracen93 said...

i promise to you this, that week was the best ive ever had. even though, we got rained out of everything, recieved bad news about that man, and was wet the whole time.....ive never enjoyed hanging with the youth as much as i did there.
i said this on the last night, "the youth only spend about 5 hours a week with each other but this week we have bonded so much with each other and have played some wicked off the walls 4 and i sure have had fun."
I had to not do summer school to get ahead of everyone else at my school this summer because i really wanted to go to Georgia. i am so glad i made that decision. i love going on youth trips because it is the best time of my life just hanging with those i love.
o yea by the way, i love your new CD!