October 21, 2008

Risk-y Business

This post has nothing to do with Tom Cruise lip-synching in a dress shirt and sunglasses.

I'm working on a new song, and have only got a couple of lines so far.

If you aren't living on the edge
You're taking up too much space
If you aren't breaking some rules
You are playing it too safe

Too often, we encourage each other to "Take care" or to "Be careful". We purposely avoid risky behaviors and risky people. And this has translated to carefully choosing our way in following The Way.

Those who have succeeded the most have also failed a considerable portion of the time. Scientists and experimenters label failure as a lesson learned. Musicians who have written "great" songs have written twice as many "bad" songs. All successful writers have been rejected and failed on numerous occasions.

We are not called to live safe and comfortable, apathetic lives. We are called to live with passion, risk, and great love.

There is nothing that you do that is risk-free.

There is nothing that you can eat that is risk-free.
(I had hot dogs at school with Kaylea today. BIG risk).

There is nobody that you know who is risk-free.

In order for the church to be the church, it must be about the business of risk.

Try walking on the water with Jesus.
Hang out with some drunks and gluttons.
Spend a night with the homeless.
Give away stuff for free.

In order to risk, we cannot take ourselves too seriously and must take loving all people very seriously.

God is a God of risk. A universe of love requires a large amount of risk.

Love cannot be coerced or forced.

God took a risk, entering creation, showing what it truly means to love God and neighbor.

So, go, on The Way, on The Journey, and take risk.


Jennifer H said...

Your family was in my dream last night -- beyond that, you guys were in the dream I had IN my dream (as I dreamed about telling you about it!). Don't remember much about it, but I woke up thinking of you guys and about the types of things you just blogged about.

Why is taking that first step so hard?

Sandy said...

I really would love to walk on water, but the closest I've come is rolling on top of the water several times after falling off an inner tube! It felt fairly risky at the time. :)

edb said...

Jen H--

I think I'm "divinely discontent", being prepared for another significant risk--I just don't know what it is.

Got any ideas?

Jennifer H said...

Oh, I have lots of ideas.
How about a Jesus-style party?

I'm trying to figure out how I can live in community while being tied to a lease until next summer and unaware of others in the Jeff City area who may want to join in!

So idea 2: you all should move here -- we could host our own Jubilee Day on the steps of the capitol =0)

edb said...

Jubilee on the capitol steps...hmmm. Let's think about this...we could do it on election day, or inauguration day, music, food, coffee...what else?

Jennifer H said...

Art projects. I love the bubbles.

edb said...

Art projects...hmmm...when does session end? Maybe something later in the spring when we've got a good chance with the weather?

A big party!

Jennifer H said...

Here are the dates of the House for the coming year: http://www.house.mo.gov/content.aspx?info=/bills081/dates07.htm

If we wanted to be technical, following the Biblical Day of Atonement / Yom Kippur, it starts sundown on Sept. 27 this year (which happens to coincide with my birthday).

That may be a long time to wait, though!

Matt Paul said...

Would more people take these risks if they realized what it meant to "risk for God"? Such risks likely won't result in broken bones, bloody noses, or physical death, but rather shattered perceptions, bruised popularity, and death to self. Nah, if people realized that, there would probably be FEWER people taking risks...