January 19, 2009

20 Questions...

On the way to Tucson from San Diego with Damascus Road Church, we played the game 20 Questions. There were some ridiculous words...

Siamese Twins
The 20 Questions Game
The Future

The game kept our minds active as we were traveling into the wee hours of the night. In the middle of the game, I got distracted and started thinking of questions I'd really like to ask God.

Why is church so hard?
Why does money seem to be a factor in everything?
Why are we so attracted to labels?
Why do we always want to be in control?
Why are we so easily distracted?
Why are we so quick to label "us" vs. "them"?

Sometimes, I lay awake at night and my mind just longs for answers. Maybe, one day, I'll know the answers.

For now, I'm trying to lean into the one that not only knows the answers, but also knows and understands me too.

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