April 23, 2009


There's just something about the walk.
I wrote a chorus about 5 years ago that remains one of my favorite to this day.
To walk in the light of Your presence
To run and feel Your pleasure
To be taken away in a whirlwind a-blaze
May I learn to walk in this faith.

In a couple of weeks will be the Hillcrest Walk for the Homeless. This has been an annual event for my family for 5 years now. The first year, we just walked. The second year, we raised $150 as a family and walked. The third year, Kaylea raised $550 through an art show, and we walked. The fourth year, we split the youth up into two teams, and Nash's Heroes caught everyone by surprise as Nash had graduation money donated to Hillcrest...and we walked.

So, here's this years surprise.

Kaylea wants to lead her own walk team. It's called "Creative Kids" and she's inviting friends from school and church to come walk with her.

What a joy to spread the word about this imaginative girl making a difference in her corner of the world.

So, if you'd like to donate to Kaylea's team, follow the link:


There's just something about the walk.

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