August 7, 2009

Back to School

It's August, which means two things:

1. My birthday.
2. School starts.

Ah, the beginning of a new school year. New crayons with sharp points. New pencils with full erasers. New pens with no teeth marks. New notebooks with clean paper. New clothes with no holes. New shoes to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

I’ve always loved the beginning of the school year. It’s like starting fresh in the middle of the year, which is basically awesome. I’ve loved reconnecting with friends and hearing summer stories. I loved learning new things and practicing for soccer.

I’ve also always hated the beginning of the school year. The start of the school year means summer is officially over, and cold days are coming. The start of the school year means that baseball season is drawing to a close, and that there are limited days left on the golf course. The start of the school year means rhythm and routine, and a certain loss of spontaneity and freedom and je ne sais quoi.

But at least I got to go to school. And Kaylea will get to go to school.

Blood: Water Mission is an organization that I think does an incredible job of helping transform lives, with love, hope, and water. This year, we can help friends around the world celebrate the joys of going back to school. We’re hosting a back-to-school party, complete with sand volleyball and pizza. Kids are bringing $5 each, and any extra we receive is going to BWM, because school is for everyone.

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