March 17, 2006


I was down in Springfield for a couple of days this week with the Convergence Leadership project. While there, those of us in the project toured University Heights Baptist Church, the church I grew up in and was a member of for 16 years.

It was at UHBC that I planned my first worship service and order of worship in Vacation Bible School. It was at UHBC that I was introduced to a great God and mysterious faith. It was at UHBC that I was baptized (twice), married, and licensed to ministry. And on this trip to UHBC, I missed home.

So I went to dinner with my Mom.

Something about dinner with moms help make the world right again. She listened to my stories, laughed (when she was supposed to), and every verbal and non-verbal cue affirmed her love and support.

Sometimes, in the day-to-day junk, I feel out-of-place and miss home. But, I remember that home is not so much a place as it is a relationship.

So, thanks Mom, for dinner and conversation and sending me home to my girls.

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