March 10, 2006


Where do we draw the line between sufficient and extravagent?
Think about the following numbers:

$1--Provides clean water for one African for one year.
$1.09--One 20 oz. Dr Pepper at the grocery store.

$5/month--Sponsors an AIDS orphan in Sub-Sahara Africa, covering all physical needs.
$5--Average cost of a value meal at McDonald's, Burger King, or Wendy's.

$500--Approximate cost of the guitar that I'd like.
$500--Cost to free a teenager in forced labor.

$3,000--A 42", HDTV-plasma flat screen TV.
$3,000--Frees between two to four, 11-15 year-old girls from forced prostitution.

$60,000--Average cost of a Hummer, series 1 or 2.
$70,000--Builds, staffs, and maintains an orphanage for 300 AIDS orphans for 3 years.

Money's a funny thing. How do you spend yours?

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