June 21, 2007

What if...?

I don't know how many times I've been asked, "What if you were in a fire, and your family and pets were safe, what one thing would you want to save?"

Some of my answers have been: baseball cards, baseball glove, guitar, backpack, golf clubs, Bible, wedding album, wallet...

None of my answers ever truly resonate. It seems almost all of my stuff is replaceable.

An email friend of mine was in a fire two nights ago. He lost everything. He lives with a community of Jesus-followers, and they have transformed one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia, growing gardens on rooftops, starting a summer camp for kids, starting a printing business, tutoring, cooking, and truly loving neighbors as self.


There's pictures and videos and ways to help. Caring is the first step in the new revolution (Shane wrote a phenomenal book, "The Irresistible Revolution").

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Cat said...

How Awful for those people! I feel their pain!

May the lord bless and guide them as he did for our family and friends.

Take care Ethan! Have fun at Camp!
take care of my little boy! LOL