July 6, 2007

Tropical Snow and Fireworks

One evening this week, Jamie, Kaylea, Sophie and I all went to get Tropical Snow. Next door to the Tropical Snow stand was a fireworks tent. Immediately after ordering, the girls rushed in and looked around. I have no idea what they were thinking, because they are still too scared to hold their own sparklers. Anyway...

They found a box of the poppers, the ones you throw on the ground that make a little--a very little--"pop!" It was 50 cents. I so happened to have grabbed 2 quarters off my dresser on the way out. We walked up to the table to pay and I handed the man my 2 quarters and we walked on to get our Tropical Snow. When I turned around, I saw that Kaylea and Sophie were each holding a box of poppers, along with the box in my hand. I unsuccessfully tried to get them to take the boxes back, explaining that we'd share one box and I didn't have enough for all 3 and Tropical Snow.

The man who ran the fireworks stand (sounds like a Dr. Seuss rhyme, read those last 7 words quickly!) told me not to worry about it and gave us all 3 boxes for the price of one. We all told him thanks.

While eating our Tropical Snow (I ordered a "Spider-Man", blue raspberry and black cherry), we sat at a picnic table 20 feet away from the generous fireworks owner. We weren't the only recipients of his generosity. Every person that bought something from him got a good deal. For example, one guy purchased $35 worth of fireworks.

The owner said, "You're total is $35, now what do you think is a good deal?"
The purchaser didn't respond.
Again, the owner said, "You're total is $35, now what do you think is a good deal?"
This time, the purchaser said, "$28?"
The owner replied, "How about $25 and we'll call it good?"

The owner did this for every customer.

I saw a lot of Jesus at that fireworks stand.


mark said...

I have always wondered just what the mark up is in those dang things, away wouldn't you like to be mister blackcat for the week? I could not begin to guess how much money went up in smoke and thats just in our little town. How about top 10 firworks shows in the nation? Yes I wish I could be mister blackcat,we could dig some wells then!!

Lets go camping!!!


Stacey said...

Why thank you Ethan. Every here and again I say something insightful and meaningful without my silly faces pasted on the post. I think it scares my blogger friends!

See ya tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow......

Cat said...

Hey Ethan!

I loved your post!

I am enjoying myself at VBS! See you tomorrow!!