July 13, 2007

Tooth Fairy and Tents

Kaylea lost her first tooth yesterday. The permanent tooth was already growing in, so the hole is already being covered up. She was trying to open a gift with her teeth, when she felt the loose tooth give way. She freaked out a little bit, didn't like the taste or sight of blood, and then got incredibly excited.

Bed time approached and she pulled me aside. She said, "I put the tooth in a plastic bag and put the plastic bag in my tooth fairy pillow and I put it under my pillow so that when you and Mom come to bed, you can take the tooth and give me some money."

She got a gold dollar coin.

The last Saturday of July I'm going camping. My history with camping is pretty poor. The first experience was by far the best, camping in the mountains in Colorado with my dad in first grade. Since then, I've experienced tornados, flash floods, and the coldest night of the year. Anyway, I'm camping with a bunch of youth and friends in the parking lot of HyVee, a local grocery store. We're raising awareness and funds for Blood: Water Mission, an organization that is building clean water wells in Africa. The average cost for a well is $3000, and we're hoping to raise enough to build a well.

So, I'll sleep on concrete for a night, or maybe just stay up all night, and enjoy the sights and sounds.

And maybe we can get some water to the thirsty too.


Stacey said...

Yay for Kaylea! Yeah, that gold dollar coin..you're soooo gonna wish you'd stuck with a quarter one day. Yup....she'll lose one at 11pm, you'll put her to bed and IF you remember it, then you'll be grabbing the quarters! She showed that to me Monday, glad she finally had success.

See ya tonight at the ICS--that's right, ice cream social...before dinner. Can life BE any better than that, E?

Cat said...

Woohoo Kaylea! wow, you rock in the tooth fairy goodness Ethan!

OH so that is what Matt was talking about for a camping trip. LOL Fun!

See you at the ICS!!!