August 17, 2007

Calvin is Awesome!

Calvin is my hero. His imagination is unparalleled. He has an eclectic appreciation of things old and new. He has a profound sense of justice. And he is never afraid to set out on an adventure.

Growing up, I read Calvin and Hobbes every day. I bought the books and memorized them. Calvin introduced me to spontaneous combustion, transmogrification, and Calvin-ball. My friends started calling me "Spiff", in tribute to Calvin's alter ego.

There is a lot that can be gleaned from the wisdom of Bill Watterson and the world of Calvin and Hobbes.

1. Play your hardest every day.
2. Don't eat your vegetables.
3. Never miss a good chance to daydream.
4. Public opinion is overrated.
5. Always appreciate a good friend.

I can only hope that I have passed on some of my Calvin genes to Kaylea and Sophie.

1 comment:

Libzsonshine said...

Hey I knew a kid named Spiff. He and his gang of friends were pretty cool!! Wonder where Darrin is these days?? Hmmm...

P.S. I read Calvin & Hobbes DAILY to this day! Love 'em!