August 10, 2007

Sandwich Man

I got to fulfill a lifelong dream this week.

I wore a sandwich board.

On Wednesday, I was part of an awareness campaign with some friends on with Neighbors 4 Neighbors Heartland on behalf of Hillcrest Transitional Housing. For about an hour, I stood in a center median at a busy intersection in downtown KC wearing a sign that said, "The average age of the homeless? 7."

According to the bank sign on the corner, the temperature was 100 degrees, and there was a hot southwest wind that almost blew Bryan League (a 7th grader) away like a kite.

It was a wonderful time, regardless of the temperature. Drivers would look and we could read their lips as they read our signs. Some smiled and nodded, some waved.

While we were just standing around, there were 3 other groups passing out sandwiches and bottles of water to the homeless. Kaylea was part of this group. She helped to feed the homeless, which was like a big game of hide and seek.

The best part of the evening, according to Kaylea, was the ride home in a jeep with the top down.

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