September 19, 2007

"Emmanuel's Gift"

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah was born in Ghana disabled. Ten percent of the population in Ghana is disabled, and the common fate for the disabled is to live on the streets, begging money off of passers-by.

Emmanuel didn't want to beg. At 13, he dropped out of school and earned $2/day as a shoe-shiner. He sent in an application to the Challenged Athletes Foundation requesting a bicycle so he could ride the 600 km across Ghana, and challenge stereotypes.

This man, whose house doesn't have electricity or running water, is changing the perceptions of disabled people in an entire country.

The video, at Blockbuster in the Special Interest section, is a wonderful way to dream and imagine a new world. It's amazing to see how stories in Ghana influence those in America, and vice versa.

I love to daydream. And my favorite thing to dream about is what the world could be. I think that dreaming like this is an active part of living in the kingdom while on earth.

Emmanuel is definitely a dreamer, too.


Kenyon said...

So is the video called "Emmanuel's Gift"?

edb said...

Yeah...I thought riding 100 miles was a big deal, until I saw this

Stacey said...

You know I'm working for the goal, buddy. Okay, no, I haven't really. But it's a nice thought--me looking good in biker shorts. Won't never happen, but a nice thought nonetheless.

Karen said...

Hey Ethan! I found your site off of Stacey's. I don't think your blog sucks.

Of course after looking at Stacey's - well, mine sucks too.

Tom and I will have to rent the video, I'm sure he will love it with his newfound love for biking.