September 14, 2007


I received 2 random phone calls this week.

Call #1--A friend from the Building Bridges project was going to be in town, helping with the Tour of Missouri. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel (biscuits and gravy!) and I got an education in professional cycling.

Call #2--A friend from college successfully tracked me down and said that she was going to be in town, and wanted to take me and my family to dinner. Free food! Woo-hoo! So, over philly cheesesteaks and gelato from Honkerbean's, we caught up over the last 10 years, sharing stories of graduate school, knee surgeries, children, and church.

It is amazing what happens when you share a meal with a friend.

I think Jesus realized the power of a good meal. And maybe the reason that Jesus chose wine and bread for us to remember him by is that they were present at every meal.

Something mystical happens when friends gather around food.

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