September 11, 2007


It was a brisk start to the day, and took a good 5-6 miles to warm-up. It was a gorgeous day for riding, especially with friends.

After about 40 miles, I was really feeling good and enjoying the ride. Dave said "smile", so I did.

I completed my first century ride, 100+ miles at an average of 15 miles an hour, plus stops. We rode into a 10 mph headwind, on hills and not-so-perfect roads, and it was a blast.

I can't wait to do it again next year and am hoping to get friends to join me.


W. David Winner said...

You the man! You give me courage that someday, I too could cycle 100 miles. My longest so far is 6 miles.

Good job!

Stacey said...

I'll do it...but I need to exercise long enough to look decent in bike shorts. Pshh...nevermind!