December 14, 2007

Love Came Down

Last night, Sophie had her Christmas program at preschool. Her class sang, Away in a Manger. She did a marvelous job, both singing the words and performing the actions. My favorite verse is the second verse, as she sings, "The cattle are blowing the baby awake."

A couple of years ago, I wrote a Christmas song. I invited a talented bass-playing friend from Springfield to come play on its debut. He made the song come alive. I wish I could sing it for you now; nevertheless, enjoy the lyrics.

God With Us flesh, a frail, fragile breath
Sleeping among manger's sound
Heavenly armies sing praise to their king
Love came down

Wonderful Counselor and Mighty God
Your kingdom and reign are renown
Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace
Love came down

Love came down
Whispered words of comfort
Love came down
Strengthened feeble faith
Love came down
Inhabited creation
Full of life and joy
Love came down

In seasons of darkness, confusion, and pain
When stresses and pressures abound
When hearts think of others for selfish gain
Oh, Love come down

Love come down
Speak peace to this violence
Love come down
Full of truth and grace
Love come down
Inhabit this creation
Bring new life and joy
Love come down

May you sing throughout the holiday season of a risky, daring Love.

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