December 20, 2007

What Would Jesus Buy?

There is a hilarious documentary at independent movie theaters out this Christmas called, "What Would Jesus Buy?". It stars Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping. He preaches in Times Square, in the Mall of America, and gets arrested at DisneyLand. You can check out the trailer here.

Last summer, I read a book talking about the incredible power and hope of dreams. It stated that something is wrong in this world; too many of us have the same dream of the continual pursuit of bigger, better, faster, more. As we obtain more and more, we grow in concern for the safety and protection of our possessions, and before long, our possessions control us.

The author challenged us to allow God to shape and form our dreams, dreams of justice and hope, of freedom for all, of enjoying the good creation and the joy of relationships.

So, what would Jesus buy for Christmas? He'd buy a computer for a friend whose computer was trapped in digital purgatory. He'd buy an amp for a dreaming musician, so he "could sing his songs off of any old stage." He'd buy a t-shirt from a junior high student that reads, "Live simply so others can simply live." He'd donate monthly to an anti-slavery organization, on behalf of someone else. He'd buy original artwork to support a struggling artist. And, he'd buy all of his books from Byron at Hearts and Minds Bookstore.

This week, I took the girls to the mall with a friend to see Santa. I cannot remember the last time I went to the mall. The line was a couple of hours long, so we played at the pet store and the play place and shared a pretzel and played at the pet store (again) instead. My goal going into Christmas was to spend nothing at the mall. I spent $7.80.

I wrote a song that will be featured on the new CD called Holding Strong. Here are the closing lyrics:

I am dreaming of the day
When freedom's giving all away
Children dancing, music plays
Justice breaks oppression's chains
Justice breaks oppression's chains

We can live another way
Holding strong to hope.

Oh yeah, Jesus would probably buy the DVD when it comes out too.

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Stacey said...

Ethan, thanks for writing another good post, friend. I think Jesus would also buy pets. Lots of pets for lots of lonely people.

**PS--next year, hit Crown Center Santa. It might be busy, but it's delightful. And...the kids play in the playground while parents (in the same room) wait in line. Pretty neat, huh?!