January 4, 2008


I was on a plane yesterday. I flew over the Great Lakes, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and finally over some mountains. It was a wonderful lesson in perspective.

Even though the world is growing smaller every day, I can do a great job of isolating myself from the world--focusing on my problems, my dreams, my small corner in this world. And when this happens, I've lost perspective.

Looking out the window of the plane(s), many thoughts rushed into my mind.

I am but one of 6 billion plus people on this planet.

There are people who are concerned about getting their daily bread and water, and could care less about car trouble, technological trials, or many of the petty issues that I perceive as urgent.

And as humility (finally) started to creep in, the thoughts kept coming.

Daily I have the chance to choose a different way to live. A way to live where forgiveness and peace and compassion bring hope and life. A way to live where slow and small and old and less are treasured. A way to live that realizes my daily dependence on others worldwide, and, ultimately on God for my next breath.

I've been leaning into a verse in recent days. Jesus said:

"Seek first God's Story and His Justice, and everything else will take care of itself."

The view out that window was a wonderful reminder of the greatness of God's Story, a story that needs to be shouted from the mountains.

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