March 10, 2008


With the new CD coming out in just a few weeks (Yeah!), some friends have been asking me why I call the band “5N2”, so I’ll share the story and the song that goes with it.

One of my favorite stories in Scripture is the feeding of the 5000, when Jesus multiplies the lunch of a little boy—5 loaves and 2 fish (5n2). You can check out the whole story in John 6.1-15, Luke 9.10-17, or Matthew 14.13-21. Here’s how I read the story:

A little boy, who doesn’t have much, willingly and gratefully offers what he does have to Jesus, and trusts Jesus with the rest of the details. The boy doesn’t have any idea what Jesus is going to do with his lunch; he probably isn’t concerned (or even aware, most likely) about everyone else’s needs for food. In my mind, the boy has been following Jesus for the day; listening, watching, learning, playing, he now has an opportunity to give something to Jesus, and he does it.

There are thousands of better guitarists and singers and songwriters than me. I will never be on the radio (unless I call in to the post-game discussion on the Royals network) or traveling all across the country selling out stadiums for concerts. No one’s going to be interrupting my dinner asking for an autograph, or be stopping me to take a picture with me. No one’s going to be coming to Cornerstone simply because I help lead worship there.

However, I do know that I feel God’s pleasure when I sing and play with the band. I know that as I read the Scriptures (and the books that Byron sends me) that something is stirred deep inside, and writing songs helps me to process what I’m thinking and who I’m becoming. So, I willingly and gratefully offer to Jesus the simple gift I have. I have no idea what Jesus is going to do with it, and I don’t think that’s something I should be concerned about.

Here’s the song that helps me think about who I am as a songwriter, and how I picture 5n2.

Big in Small
You are the big in my small
You are the silence when I call
You are the strength when I fall
And it’s all that I can do to follow You

What can I give to you
The King of all creation
What can I sing to you
The Perfect Melody
What can I dream to do
To follow in Your passion
What can I dare pursue
To bring You glory

All that I can give to you
Has fallen through your fingers
All that I can sing to you
You’ve heard it all before
All that I can dream to do
Never moves the mountains
All that I will dare pursue
Is just past my front door

Wither and disappear
I will fade away
You are forever strong
Your Word will never change

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