March 7, 2008

Giving a ....

My sophomore year in college, I had the opportunity to hear Tony Campolo speak, and then got to meet him afterwards. He started the night by saying, "In the time that I speak to you tonight, hundreds of children will die from starvation and you don't give a damn. The truth is, many of you are more concerned by the fact that I said 'damn' than about dying children."

Sometimes, those of us in the church get so wrapped up in meaningless things--appearances, traditions, routines, politics--that we forget we're called to go to the ends of the earth, sharing a message of radical love and acceptance.

As we get close to Easter (which is really early this year!), we ask the question, "Who is Jesus?"

Jesus is incarnate--God with skin, who knows our fears, hurts, pain, and walks with us still.
Jesus is crucified--God of love, who bears the brokenness of all creation.
Jesus is resurrected--God of power and hope, who says that death is not the final word.

Those of us who claim to follow Jesus, must remember that we've been invited to follow in his steps.

Walking with people through their pain (not judging them).
Willing to die to our self-centered wants, selfish desires.
Living out of God's power and hope for all creation.

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