February 24, 2006

Laugh a Little...

Yesterday, I got in a fight with Kaylea. She had this sock on her hand, you see, and was standing behind me while I leaned back in the recliner. She persisted in trying to tickle and scare me with the sock puppet. Just when she least expected it, I quickly grabbed her, flipped her upside-down over my shoulder and started tickling her. I got all of her good spots. Under the arms...the belly-button...behind the knee...even under the neck. And she laughed--HARD.

And her laughter was contagious. Soon, I was laughing hard. Sophie got jealous and wobbled over, only to be caught up in the now tickle war. It only took moments before she was laughing as well.

When all tickling was done, we sat together, trying collectively to catch our breath, with a few random giggles here and there, I remembered...

I love to laugh.

Laughter is addictive. Too often, we take ourselves too seriously and forget to laugh. We are quick to point at others and laugh at them, but forget to laugh at ourselves as well. Laughter releases endorphines in the brain and is a natural high. It is a good workout for our hearts and abs and faces and souls.

So, what makes you laugh? When have you laughed the hardest?

Take a minute to laugh today.

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